Trail Report

Monday March 28, 2022 5:38AM

Fair overall conditions

Light lake-effect snow

0 general warnings

3 trail warnings

A few more inches of fresh snow and cold temperatures allowed for more productive grooming yesterday. Trail 8 from Shingleton West to Trail 7 North up to Trail 418 was groomed with Operator Brian reporting a fair to good condition. Still watch for a few water holes. There is very dirty, gravely snow along roadways near towns. Trail 7 South toward Buckhorn has bare section in the open areas. The Bully ran for 7 miles North of Shingleton yesterday with fair to good results. Operator Keith reported a few small water holes and gravel patches in open areas closer to Shingleton but overall pretty good. For now operations will be very limited as we close out the season over the next few days. Ride to the Right, watch for groomers and Stay Tuned for updates!

Past 24 hour Grooming Operations: Trail 7 North from Trail 418 South to Trail 8 and East to 7 miles North of Shingleton.

24 Hour Forecast: Chance of Snow Showers, 22ºF, Winds N 10 to 15 mph, Gusts to 20 mph
Currently: Light Lake Efffect Snow, 17º F, Winds N 17 mph

Cover Photo: Trail 8 just North of Shingleton

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Trail Conditions

8 East - Shingleton


An inch or so of new snow. Groomed out flat from Trail 7 North heading East. Watch for a few water holes that are still not frozen in completely. Last Groomed: 3/28/2022

8 West - Chatham


Dusting of new snow. Choppy with bare road for 3/4 mile stretch from Campground Road West to Forest Lake Road. Last Groomed: 3/13/2022

7 South - CR440


Dusting of new snow. Choppy with water and ice patches. Bare spots and icy in open area North of Buckhorn Road. Last Groomed: 3/18/2022 to Buckhorn Road

7 North - Christmas


Fair to Poor as you approach Christmas. Dusting of new snow groomed out flat. Icy with some bare spots near Christmas. Last Groomed: 3/28/2022 from Trail 418 South

419 East - Wetmore


Dusting of new snow. Very Dirty Snow and ice. Choppy with water holes. Last Groomed: 3/18/2022 (from Wetmore South to Trail 8)

Watch for culvert crossing and snow melt between Munising and Wetmore.

419 West - Munising


Dusting of new snow. Choppy with water and ice patches. Water holes just West of Munising in Frog Hollow lowlands. Last Groomed: 3/13/2022

418 - Au Train


Dusting of new snow. Choppy with water and ice patches. Bare trail near Au Train. Last Groomed: 3/10/2022

Watch for flooding just East of AuTrain

417 - Brownstone Jnct.


Dusting of new snow. Rough and Rocky in steep hill areas. Choppy with water and ice patches. Last Groomed: 3/10/2022

422 - Miners Castle


Dusting new snow. Choppy with water and ice patches. Bare road along 2 mile stretch of H-58. Last Groomed: 3/12/2022

Follow Detour - Map posted below - Watch for vehicle tire ruts on Miners Castle Road

Wetmore Spur


Dusting of new snow. Choppy. Last Groomed: 3/12/2022