Trail Report

Monday February 12, 2024 3:32PM

Poor overall conditions

No snowfall

0 general warnings

2 trail warnings

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As I am writing this we are getting a dusting of snow. It is not amounting to any thing really so dont get too excited.

Warm temps over the past couple of weeks along with some rain have really taken their toll on the trails.

We are seeing  SXS traffic on most trails. When they drive the trails while it is warm it creates mud ruts. Now that the temps have dropped they are all frozen solid.

These frozen ruts will put the smack down on you. They are hard to see. Be careful out there.

Also, The Forest Service has had a contractor out brushing the sides of roads. The areas they are working the trail is covered in wood chips and branches.

They are also logging North of M28 on trail 422. Weight restrictions were on and they needed a HWY level A access road.

I hear the restrictions may come off this week some time. So other logging projects will go full tilt at that point.

There are trails that you should absolutely avoid with wheeled vehicles. 

419 in Wetmore along M28 – We don’t want to tear up the lawns of the businesses along this section.

419 between Munising and Christmas. Very swampy section that is on private land. The land owner does not condone wheeled vehicles on this trail.

422 going north of H58 – Very muddy with large water holes. This trail also crosses private property and is only open to snowmobiles.

If you are out on our trails, please just try to be respectful. The more damage done will only make us need more snow to groom again this winter.

We need a solid foot of system snow to get the groomers back out. The weather forecast is not looking very promising at this point.




Trail Conditions

8 East - Shingleton


8 West - Chatham


7 South - CR440


7 North - Christmas


419 East - Wetmore


419 West - Munising


Very Muddy with Water Holes. No wheeled vehicles on this trail.

418 - Au Train


417 - Brownstone Jnct.


422 - Miners Castle


Large Water Holes to watch for. Logging operations just North of M28.

Wetmore Spur