Trail Report

Saturday December 25, 2021 7:33AM

Fair to Good overall conditions

No snowfall

0 general warnings

2 trail warnings

No good news this time or pictures to share. As of this morning Grooming Operations are on still on hold due to the rain and warm weather conditions. We lost quite a bit of snow with wet areas and bare ground showing up along the roadways and in AuTrain. The remainder of the Trails are holding and should be OK as long as they freeze up again through today and tonight. The Holiday should help keep the traffic down and help save what we have. The ground is still not really frozen in most areas so if out riding be conservative to reduce base damage. We will be watching temperatures and snow conditions closely with grooming operations resuming as soon as possible. Do some serious Snow Dancing and Stay Tuned as we continue to report changing trail conditions.

Past 24 hour Grooming Operations: Currently on Hold

Forecast: Sunny, 33º F ↓ 27º F, Winds NW 15 to 20 mph with Gusts to 30 mph
Currently: Clear, 33º F, Winds NW 18 with Gusts to 35 mph

Cover Photo: Sorry no Photos

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Trail Conditions

8 East - Shingleton

Fair to Good

No new snow a decent base. Last Groomed: 12/22/2021

8 West - Chatham

Fair to Good

No new snow a decent base. Last Groomed: 12/22/2021

7 South - CR440

Fair to Good

No new snow, thin base in open areas. Thinner as you head south toward CR440. Last Groomed: 12/23/2021

7 North - Christmas

Fair to Good

No new snow with a fair base. Thinner base closer to Christmas. Last Groomed: 12/22/2021

419 East - Wetmore


An inch or so of fresh snow with a fair base from Trail 8 North into Wetmore, Thin and and dirty snow along M28 entering Munising, may be icy and soft in water hole areas. Last Groomed: 12/23/2021

419 West - Munising


No new snow, may be icy and soft in water hole areas. All open but now but the 2 mile Frog Hollow section off of Brook Street is POOR, rough with soft wet areas and very dirty mixed snow. Last Groomed: 12/23/2021

RIDE WITH CAUTION - 2 mile section West of Munising from Brook Street heading toward Christmas - very large water holes were packed in, soft and very dirty in areas. Alternate route is: Follow ORV Detour: Brook Street North to Varnum West to St Martins Hill West/North to Gage Road West 2,000 feet to trail on corner heading South back to 419

418 - Au Train


No new snow, minimal base to the East. West 5 miles are very thin sand/gravel/rocky trail especially along Lake Superior near AuTrain with bare sections. Last Groomed: 12/22/2021

417 - Brownstone Jnct.


No new snow, minimal base on the North end which is rough and very rocky. Last Groomed: 12/22/2021

422 - Miners Castle


No new snow, fair base, a few large and deep water holes north of H58, may be icy in wet areas. very little snow cover on 2 mile section of H58. Watch for ruts on Miner Castle Road as some vehicles are attempting to drive it. Last Groomed: 12/23/2021

Ride with extreme caution on Trail 422 heading to Miners Castle about 3.5 miles North of M28. There is a very deep washout that cuts into the trail about 2 feet along the east edge. This will be present until we get more snow to pack it in.

Wetmore Spur


No new snow, fair base. Last Groomed: 12/22/2021