Trail Report

Sunday January 9, 2022 4:01AM

Good overall conditions

No snowfall

0 general warnings

3 trail warnings


No new snow but trail system is still in overall good condition, now good to fair in towns and near roadways. There are some icy corners on Trail 7 closer to Christmas and Trail 8 just North of Shingleton so ride with caution. Groomer Operators were getting very good results but new snow is needed to keep them setting good. Traffic is definitely up this weekend so trail are expected to get choppy throughout the day. Ride safe, stay right and enjoy! Keep doing the Cold Weather Snow Dancing and Stay Tuned for updates!

Past 24 hour Grooming Operations: Trail 8 from West Trail 417 intersection East to 7 miles North of Shingleton, Trail 418 East from AuTrain, Trail 419 from Wetmore South to Trail 8, Trail 7 from Doe lake Road North to Christmas, Trail 422 to Miners Castle Road.

Forecast: Winter Storm Warning,  Snow, ↓12º F, Winds NW 25 to 30 mph, Gusts to 45 mph, 1 to 2 inches Accumulation
Currently: Clear, 23º F, Winds SW 8 mph

Cover Photo: Trail 7 South just North of Doe Lake Road
Gallery: Trail 8 North of Shingleton

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Trail Conditions

8 East - Shingleton


No new snow with a good base. Last Groomed: 1/8/2022

8 West - Chatham


No new snow with a good base. Last Groomed: 1/8/2022

7 South - CR440


No new snow, good base. Last Groomed: 1/6/2022 to CR440, 1/8/2022 to Doe Lake Road

7 North - Christmas


No newsnow, good base. Thinner in the hills as you approach Christmas with some icy corners Last Groomed: 1/8/2022

419 East - Wetmore

Fair to Good

No new snow with a good base from Trail 8 North into Wetmore, Thin snow along M28 entering Munising. Last Groomed: 1/8/2022

419 West - Munising


No new snow, may be icy and soft in water hole areas. Rough, 2 mile Frog Hollow section off of Brook Street is fair, rough with soft wet areas. Last Groomed: 1/8/2022

418 - Au Train

Fair to Good

No new snow, Good with fair base to the East. West 5 miles are thin with mixed gravel/rocky sections, especially along Lake Superior near AuTrain. Last Groomed: 1/7/2022, groomed to just East of AuTrain 1/8/2022

Cross Au Train River bridge with caution as west end railings were damaged a few days ago.

417 - Brownstone Jnct.

Fair to Good

No new snow, mainly good condition but minimal base on the North end which is still rough and very rocky. Last Groomed: 1/7/2022

Watch for a few large pockets in the trail approximately 4 miles North of Trail 8 in the narrow section of trail.

422 - Miners Castle


No new snow, very little snow cover on 2 mile section of H58. Watch for ruts on Miner Castle Road as some vehicles are attempting to drive it. Last Groomed: 1/7/2022

Watch for ruts from vehicle traffic to Miners Castle.

Wetmore Spur


No new snow, fair base. Watch for a few moguls that develop along M28 near narrow sweeping curve. Last Groomed: 1/7/2022