Trail Report

Monday January 7, 2019 6:27AM

Fair to Good overall conditions

Medium snowfall

1 general warning

4 trail warnings

**  8 pm update: Over a foot of wet snow in Munising and the surrounding areas. Trails are packing hard and flat tonight.
**  2 pm update: It’s a heavy wet snow coming down good with 5 to 6 inches so far.  We may be able to start grooming our entire trail system this week.

We are currently under a Winter Storm Warning with 4 to 8 inches of snow forecast and about an inch so far. Overall the core of our trails are in a Fair to Good Condition. We have mixed-in gravel conditions to the Northwest and Northeast. Trail 418 from Au Train West, Trail 419 from Wetmore to Christmas and Trail 8 North of Shingleton are these problem areas. We expect a significant improvement of the entire area over the next few days.

Operator Chris was out grooming last night and completed all of Trail 419 East and Trail 8 East. Results were favorable prior to the start of snowfall. The rough 7 miles north of Shingleton was flattened out as much as possible with the lack of snow to work with. Grooming operations will continue to be limited but may be ramping up after this storm system passes through.

Today’s Forecast: Winter Storm Warning, Snow, 26 degrees and 15 to 40 mph SE wind, 4 to 8 inches of drifting snow.

PLEASE ride with caution, stay right and be respectful, stay on the trail and off the throttle when in the towns.
Keep Snow Dancing with your friends and stay tuned for updates!

(Today’s photo’s are Trail’s 8 north of Shingleton)


- Some corners are icy, ride with caution and stay right.

Trail Conditions

8 East - Shingleton

Fair to Good

1 inch of fresh snow, icy corners. Groomed well to Shingleton. From Shingleton North, poor trail conditions, rough with little snow to work with. Groomed Sunday night.

STAY ON TRAIL and off the throttle when traveling through Shingleton.

8 West - Chatham

Fair to Good

1 inch of fresh snow, some icy corners. Groomed Friday night.

7 South - CR440

Fair to Good

1 inch of fresh snow. Some icy corners and thin base as you head south. Groomed well to Buckhorn Road Saturday night. Trail gets choppy south of there.

7 North - Christmas

Fair to Good

1 inch of fresh snow and icy corners. Thin icy travel for last two miles as you approach Christmas. Groomed Friday Night

419 East - Wetmore


1 inch of fresh snow, thin base and icy corners. Groomed daily.

419 West - Munising


1 inch of fresh snow, thin base and icy corners and choppy. Thin snow with gravel for two miles heading toward Christmas out of Munising. Un-groomable, icy hill snow conditions.

418 - Au Train


1 inch of fresh snow fresh snow. Choppy Fair conditions East diminishing to gravely conditions as you approach Au Train heading West to the Brownstone Junction (Poor).

417 - Brownstone Jnct.


Un-groomable, rocky snow conditions. 1 inch of fresh snow, no base, rough with large rock areas.

Large Rocks and very rough - ride with caution.

422 - Miners Castle


1 inch of fresh snow, thin base and icy corners. Rough in center section. Groomed Thursday night.

Logging Operations on North end as you make the turn onto Miners Castle road heading North. Watch for large trucks and give right of way.

Wetmore Spur


1 inch of fresh snow, thin base. Groomed Friday night.

Use Caution in areas of steep side hill conditions near East end.