Trail Report

Thursday January 18, 2024 3:02PM

Good overall conditions

Light lake-effect snow

1 general warning

0 trail warnings

Todays Report Brought to you by = Hiawatha Cabins LLC

Light snowfall today. Couple few inches so far. Supposed to be getting for the next few days. Every little bit helps.

Grooming Last Night

Bison went from Christmas Trail 7

Trail 8 Over to 7 South

7 South down to Tie Lake Rd.

Turned around and back to Christmas.

Bully Covered Trail 8 North out of Shingleton and back.

Ran in to some mechanical issues. Working through them this morning and should not be a show stopper.

Over all things are looking good considering the limited snow we have.


Limited Base for grooming

- We are doing our best to hit areas only when absolutely needed. For example - last the the Bison was going down trail 7 and the cleated tracks break up the base and expose the gravel. Over all there really is some good riding to be had. If you are one of those people who cant stand a single rock hitting your carbide, well prob not for you. No one is over heating or complaining. Plan accordingly for some low snow early season riding conditions. Plan ahead. Bring carbides and hyfax just in case. You never know.

Trail Conditions

8 East - Shingleton


Holding Up

8 West - Chatham


Holding Up

7 South - CR440

Fair to Good

Thin to the South - may be some bumps down close to the 440.

7 North - Christmas

Fair to Good

Little Snirt but holding up - limited base.

419 East - Wetmore


Checked conditions last night after grooming. Looking good. Posting pictures. :)

419 West - Munising


Stray Bales did their thing. Trail is holding up.

418 - Au Train


Gets Thin with gravel the further West you go.

417 - Brownstone Jnct.


Very Rocky - need more snow to cover and groom.

422 - Miners Castle


Holding Up

Wetmore Spur


Not Groomed but staying fairly flat - no moguls - just some rollers.