Trail Report

Wednesday January 17, 2024 2:46PM

Good overall conditions

Light lake-effect snow

0 general warnings

0 trail warnings

Today Report Brought to you by = Foggy’s Steak House

I’d say we got an additional 1/32 of an inch of snow last night.

Groomer Went out of Shingleton last night wand went West to M94 South of Munising.

Real cold teams and lower traffic. We are grooming as absolutely needed. We don’t want to over process and destroy what base we have.

If you experience any areas that you feel need a grooming, drop us a message and we will look in to.  Both groomers will be out this evening.


Trail Conditions

8 East - Shingleton


8 in general is holding up nice.

8 West - Chatham


Over all real nice shape.

7 South - CR440


Little thin to the south but definitely good riding.

7 North - Christmas

Fair to Good

Early season conditions. You will feel the occasional rock on your carbides but does not seem to be stopping people from riding.

419 East - Wetmore


419 West - Munising


Straw Bales doing their job. Good riding. Some low snow areas to be expected. You will see this is an ongoing trend....

418 - Au Train


The further West you go the thinner it gets. There are wind blown areas that are always light on snow.

417 - Brownstone Jnct.


This trail is very Rocky in areas. When the groomer was on this trail the drag had to be up the wheels quite a bit to prevent damage. It is light on snow. We need more to cover the larger rock base.

422 - Miners Castle


Should be holding up.

Wetmore Spur


Need some snow. There is a section we need to establish a platform to keep the drag from sliding off.