Trail Report

Tuesday January 16, 2024 12:30PM

Fair to Good overall conditions

No snowfall

0 general warnings

1 trail warning

Todays Trail report Brought to you by : Embers Credit Union

Super Cold Temps!

Traffic is low due to it being so cold, snow to the South, and it is not the weekend.

All trails have been groomed – panned in with the exception of the spur trail along m28.

We need more snow. The trails panned out pretty nice for the most part. Some areas of low snow and rocks.

See the report for specific trail info.

Last 24 Hours Grooming –

Last night 419 was groomed between Wetmore and Christmas.

417 and 418 were groomed.

8 going west was groomed to the Chatham junction that TNT maintains from 7 North that goes in to Christmas.

Trails over all are holding up. We are trying to limit grooming at this point and will be grooming based on conditions. We will do more damage than good in some areas.

We do have folks out riding and reporting conditions. By all means if you ride a trail section please feel free to reach out letting us know if its getting whooped.

Sorry no pictures today. Always feel free to send us pictures and info where they were taken. We will gladly post them.

Seeing plenty of happy snowmobiler reports on the FB page. If the occasional rock does not scare you, by all means there is great riding to be had.

Trail Conditions

8 East - Shingleton


Over All trail 8 is in pretty good shape. It is all groomed and flat.

8 West - Chatham


Groomed and reported to be in good shape..

7 South - CR440


Reports that further South it gets thin.

7 North - Christmas


This trail get pounded. It should be pretty flat but definitely some rocks in areas.

419 East - Wetmore


Reported to be holding up nicely.

419 West - Munising


Thin in areas close to Munising. Groomed out nice. Straw Bales did their job and the big mud holes froze up nicely. Tough going along M28 in Wetmore. Doing what we can with the limited snow.

418 - Au Train

Fair to Good

This grade gets wind blown. When you get past Autrain the snow gets pretty thin.

417 - Brownstone Jnct.


This trail has a boulder base. The groomer had to put the drag up on the tires for the most part. We need more snow on this trail before we go down it again.

Rocks Exposed.

422 - Miners Castle


Got word from the Park Service Law Enforcement. They did not plow the road or remove all of our signs. It seems we have some one out there doing things they should not be, We are going to work on setting up some game cameras. We have to go out there and replace the critical signs. Confidence markers will be lower priority. We will also be making a snow wall to stop cars. the road off where the road commission stops plowing just North of the intersection. Several good reports on the condition of the trail.

Wetmore Spur


Not Groomed.