Trail Report

Sunday April 12, 2020 5:23PM

Very Good overall conditions

2 general warnings

0 trail warnings

Trails are rideable for, as the MI DNR says, “local opportunities to get outdoors”. Overall trail conditions are good to very good. All of the trails are still mainly snow covered with some ice covered wet spots and bare muddy areas. Slight ruts have developed in small areas and can get a bit squirely with the slippery trails. Current snow storm may impede on ORV use if we get the amounts forecast. Trails are not being maintained at this time per DNR orders so please ride with caution and stay alert. (see Executive Order warning below) Be Safe!

Forecast: Winter Storm Warning, Snow, 5 to 9 inches, 44º F, Winds N 15 with 25 mph gusts (9 to 17 inches of snow over next 48 hours)
Currently: Winter Storm Warning, Snow, 32º F, Winds N 15

Photos: Trails 8 and 418 (Marquette to Manistique Route), Trail 417 and 419


- PER MI DNR: State-managed trails, including ORV trails, remain open. However, grooming and other maintenance operations have ceased temporarily. State parks and recreation areas, trails, boating access sites, forests and other public land currently remain open to provide residents with local opportunities to get outdoors. The governor’s "Stay Home, Stay Safe" Executive Order states that nonessential travel is not permissible, including travel to outdoor destinations outside your local area. Traveling outside local communities could unintentionally increase the spread of COVID-19. We are asking all park and trail users to stay local and not travel far distances for any activity, including ORV riding, fishing, boating, hiking or other outdoor recreation activities. Effective social distancing is required so that unsafe conditions do not develop and state-managed lands can remain open. An an emergency order issued April 2 sets a civil penalty of up to $1,000 for not complying with executive orders banning gatherings and nonessential businesses, including social distancing (not keeping at least 6 feet between individuals). Criminal penalties for violation will remain an option for prosecutors.


- Per the MI DNR Trails are NOT being maintained so ride with caution and stay alert watching for debris and washouts.