Changing weather conditions and traffic patterns greatly affect the longevity of a freshly groomed trail. S.O.R.V.A. of Alger County has many dedicated Groomer Operators who do their best to manage the condition of your snowmobile trails. At the end of each run, reports are given and we try our best to keep this report honest and up-to-date.


TRAIL REPORT: 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, 2/21/17

GROOMING OPERATIONS: On stand-by. Now it's looking like Thursday night before we can try and clean-up.

TRAIL CONDITIONS: Loosing snow with the warm wet weather. Overall Fair. We have a good base on Trails 8, Trail 422 and most of Trail 7. Some wet, bare corners showing up. Trails were still busy yesterday so they are getting choppy with no grooming right now.

Trail 8 - Fair to Good. Some water and ice on corners near the west half.
Trail 7 South - Fair. Some wet, bare corners showing up.
Trail 7 North - Fair. Some wet, bare corners showing up.
Trail 419W (Munising-Christmas) - Poor to Fair. Some wet, bare corners.
Trail 422 (Miners Castle) - Fair to Good.
Trail 419E (to Trail 8) - Fair. Some wet, bare corners.
Trail 419 (Wetmore-Munising) - Poor to Fair. Some wet, bare corners showing up with lots of dirt filled snow along the roadways and steep hills.

WEATHER: Currently 43 degrees, 7 mph S Winds, Rain
Past 24 Hour Snowfall: 0" South, 0" North (approximate).


                    CAUTIONS, WARNINGS and UPDATES:

Standing and flowing water creating soft spots in wet areas of the hills closer to Munising. RIDE WITH CAUTION.

CAUTION FOR TRAIL419 (Munising Wetmore Connector) - Trail 419 connector is OPEN. Please use caution when riding. It's a congested area with driveway crossings. PLEASE obey all stop signs and give right-of-way to vehicles.


Private Property owners allow us to use their land for trail connectors.
PLEASE respect the allowed use by staying on the trail, ride safely and stop at all driveways. PLEASE give vehicles the right of way, especially when they are trying to turn off of the major roadways. Remember Cars have the right of way and you are responsible for any related vehicular accidents. These connectors need annual approval so PLEASE ride with respect and courtesy so we can keep them open year after year!

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All of our operator's are instructed to stop the the groomer when snowmobile traffic approaches to allow them to pass but this does not always work in some sections of our trail system.

In situations where the drag wings are down they will be raised for snowmobiles to pass. This takes time so slow down and allow the wing time to raise.

Some parts of our Trail System (419W for example) are only as wide as the groomer. We can stop but have limited areas to allow room for snowmobiles to pass. Here we suggest snowmobiles pull off the side of the trail if possible and stop or turn around and find an open area for the groomer to pass.

The heavy equipment used for trail grooming is limited on it maneuverability when grooming the trails and operates very slowly. Always be alert for Groomers, be patient, slow down and give the operators time to set up for passing traffic.

We now have a phone number that you can call and leave a voice mail or send sms text messages to for reporting trail conditions. There is also an email address. We appreciate all feedback. Please be specific on the locations and condition.


Report Trail Conditions:

(989) 341-4401     email:

 Our club grooms the trails in Light Blue on the map below:


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